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Football BC letter to the football community

Posted on 2016-01-30 14:16:37

To the football community in British Columbia:

Football BC (legally known as the British Columbia Amateur Football Association) would like to clear up some of the mistruths, myths, misconceptions, and false information that are being shared about us by uninformed individuals.

What is a PSO and what is Football BC’s status as the PSO for football in British Columbia?

At present, there is a group claiming to be the “new PSO” for football in British Columbia.

A PSO is a Provincial Sport Organization. There is only one PSO for every sport. Football BC is the PSO for football in British Columbia. More information on our status as the official PSO for football in British Columbia can be found at the following links:

PSOs are autonomous, not-for-profit societies responsible for regulating all areas and levels of their sport’s participation within the province. The PSO acts as the provincial voice on behalf its members and is usually the link between clubs and the National Sport Organization (NSO), which in this case is Football Canada.

Among other responsibilities, the PSO runs the provincial team and runs provincial competitions, provides professional development opportunities for coaches and officials (i.e. NCCP courses), sanctions competitions and tournaments within the province, and has access to funding through government grants and associations such as KidSport.

Football BC is the ONLY provincial sport organization for football in the British Columbia. No group in any sport can simply declare themselves a PSO. Be wary of any groups that do so.

Concerning our Insurance Coverage:

Football BC’s insurance covers our members’ activities worldwide.

Football BC did not charge an additional fee for coaches, board members, or volunteers registered through the eSportsDesk system.

Football BC’s eSportsDesk fees in 2015 were all-inclusive. Football BC also made allowances for the fact that some individuals did not have credit cards and were happy to accept other methods of payment.

Anyone suggesting otherwise is ill-informed and either purposely or inadvertently misleading you. All clubs have to do is check their eSportsDesk information for 2015 to verify this information.

Football BC’s Technical Expertise:

Dino Geremia is Football BC’s Technical Director. He has over 20 years as a University football coach with experience coaching in the NAIA, NCAA, and CIS. He has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Master Learning Facilitator.

Dino Geremia is responsible for organization all NCCP coaching clinics and Safe Contact clinics in British Columbia. Football Canada sets various fees for clinics in Canada. You can contact Dino directly at:

What happened on December 11, 2015 with regards to the BCCFA?

The BC Community Football Association (BCCFA) resigned their seat on Football BC’s Board of Directors.

What does this mean?

This means the BC Community President no longer sits on the Board of Football BC.

Can our community football club still be a member of Football BC?

All community football clubs are still a member of Football BC unless they choose to explicitly withdraw. All community clubs are independent societies in British Columbia. Since the BC Minor days going back for 40 years, all community clubs each year have independently joined Football BC.

No one can tell a community club not to be a member of Football BC. You are entitled to your right to join an association to access their services.

Do members of Football BC have to buy the Football BC insurance?

No, they do not. Insurance is an optional service available to our members, but clubs are welcome to get their own coverage. 40 percent of our members yearly received their insurance from sources not through Football BC.

How can we get information on Football BC’s 2016 insurance rates and services?

Football BC has a new insurance broker in former BC Lion player, Angus Reid. Angus works for Reliance Insurance and can be reached at 604-251-8375 or by email at

Is Football BC still a member of Football Canada?

Yes, Football BC is a member of Football Canada and is committed to Football Canada’s new national registration program. In 2016, all coaches and players will be asked to register online with Football Canada and pay an $11 fee.

Football BC is planning to participate in the upcoming Football Canada National Flag Championship.

What about KidSport Funding?

To be eligible for KidSport funding, the sport organization (i.e. your community club) that the child participates in must be a member of Sport BC through one of the Provincial Sport Organizations. More information is available at:

What about programs such as the ABC Border Bowl and All Star Youth Football?

These programs are not endorsed by the provincial or national office. Similar ventures are popping up across the country and they threaten the standards for football that are being promoted internationally, nationally and provincially all aimed at keeping the athletes in our game safe and maximizing the benefits. Dino sits on National committees that specifically aim to have all provinces and all football across the country adhere to the principles laid out in the Long Term Athlete Development plan and the Safe Contact module which includes techniques, preparation but also looks at number of contacts and durations of contact throughout the year.

Unfortunately many of these aforementioned ventures have not familiarized themselves with these essential principles aimed at making football safer and the athletes more prepared for their developmental stages.

What about Team BC and the Football BC Combine Series?

Football BC’s high-performance programs, which include Team BC and Senior Bowl, are in line with Football Canada’s long-term athlete development model. The road towards being a part of Team BC starts at the Football BC Combine Series.

Additionally, Team BC is recognized by the BC Ministry of Education and players who participate on the U18 team are eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 12 towards high school graduation. A full list of recognized programs can be found here:

All players who belong to Football BC, which at this point refers to all players in this province, are invited to attend. To register, go to:

If your club/association has opted to withdraw from Football BC, what’s next?

It is important to remember that it is your duty to do your homework, check out credentials of the “organizers” so that you are completely in the know.

You have a duty to the parents and children who are members of your association.

What about criminal record checks?

Your club should continue to do criminal record checks. This is an important facet of risk management in order to ensure the children that play our game are safe.

What about concussion education?

Concussion education for all coaches, players, parents and guardians, is imperative. We want this great game to continue to grow and, for that to happen, we need to always think safety first.

How can my club get assistance from Football BC?

Your club/association is always free to contact Football BC for assistance. Football BC’s key contacts are currently:

Daniel Fung, Communications Director
Dino Geremia, Technical Director
Patrick Waslen, Executive Director
Brian Carrigan, Interim President