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Posted on 2012-04-11 14:29:21

Football BC Coaching Resources

A dedicated webpage with resources for all football coaches in British Columbia. Updated by Football BC Communications Director, Daniel Fung, and Football BC Technical Director, Dino Geremia.

Nutritional hints

Football BC's Dino Geremia with hints on nutrition and rest and maximizing your performance.


Safe Contact Clinic - Pilot

Over the weekend of June 28-29, 2014, Football BC coaches held a pilot of the Safe Contact Clinic. This clinic is one that will soon be offered to other associations and clubs.

In this clinic, a group of experienced coaches (i.e. ones who have already completed their NCCP training) are taken through the Safe Tackling Technique breaking down the fundamentals and reviewing drills to enhance each players' competence and confidence with the techniques.


Game Ready Tip - Nutrition and Proper Sleep

Maximize your workouts, development and growth with proper sleep.

Research has shown that children and youth make poor dietary choices which obviously impacts workouts and sleep. Student-athletes consistently show a lack of proper nutrition and proper sleep.


Warm up & Proper Tackling videos - courtesy of Touchdown BC!

Click here for the video links.

Getting the most of your off-season workouts

Off-season workouts are becoming increasingly valuable as coaches try to squeeze as much time with their respective sports as possible.


The Truth about Recruiting

The key to getting yourself noticed by University recruiters is to keep playing and keep learning. Here are a few tips on how to put yourself on the University radar.


Safe Contact Made Simple

The movement in the football world to make the game safer is being witness through every level. It is important to note that these changes are not aimed in any way to restrict or take away the contact and collisions we love in the game.

In British Columbia, there have been a great number of coaches that have taken the necessary steps to educate themselves with the safe techniques and learning some key components in the coaching language as we teach tackling.


Recent coaches feedback to Football BC NCCP course

Football BC held an NCCP Introduction to Competition session in Kelowna back on June 22-23. This session was led by learning facilitators Dino Geremia, Jerome Erdman and Ray Wheatley and featured a special concussion presentation by Roy Gillespie.

Here is some of the feedback we received from coaches who took the course:

The drills we reviewed were great; the positional work invaluable, the classroom theory was super. All information I will integrate into my coaching this season.  Funny enough the piece that has really stuck is the importance of the warm up as a coaching tool to really get at fundamentals, skills, etc.  I see now how I will adjust my practice plans this season!

I am better today than I was on Friday.

Much appreciated…

Kendall Gross 

Great job by Dino, Jerome & Ray. The exchange of ideas with you and the other coaches was invaluable. I learnt a lot, realize I have so much more to learn and realize I have a lot I can teach too.

Ken Hocker

Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to be taught by some of the best in the business and as well to be exposed to some former veteran players. Having had extensive coach training and coaching in a different sport for some 15 years it was good to see how others do it, same consistently on the NCCP side but footballers seem better organized as a team which obviously makes sense.

Excited to learn more, was out last night practicing with my son.

Gary Athans

I appreciate KMFA supporting the coaches to attend this clinic. Coaches and ideas were great, wish I had a DVD to review of the ideas they taught us on the field.

See you all on the football field.
Doug McMechan

Special thanks to Ray Wheatley for setting up such a fantastic weekend!  Everyone's enthusiasm and attendance was especially appreciated because I know it's always tough to commit to an entire weekend away from family and summer fun activities. Your willingness to give your time to improve your coaching skills, and on-field confidence, will be extremely valuable once the tackle season starts in the coming weeks. KMFA is committed to improving all aspects of the football experience for all athletes and coaches and having all of you take advantage of this learning opportunity will go a long way to making our programs and our kids better.
I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and hope that all of you have a fantastic season!  As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to be in touch with a KMFA board member or myself.
Plant, Point & Drive!
Jeff N. Koltun

Football BC Coaching Standards

In accordance with Coaching Canada, Football Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program, Football BC is requiring the following minimum standard for all coaches in British Columbia respectively related to the athlete’s age.

Players 12 & Under:

Community Sport Initiation
1.    Online course through Football Canada
2.    In-clinic session offered by Football BC
3.    Online “Making Ethical Decisions” for Community Sport through Coaching Canada


Old Level 1 plus “Making Ethical Decisions” for Community Sport through Coaching Canada

Players 13-and-older:

Competition Introduction – Position Coach
1.    Multi-sport sessions offered through Football BC
2.    Position Clinic offered through Football BC
3.    “Making Ethical Decisions” for Competition Introduction through Coaching Canada
4.    Post-workshop evaluation online through Football Canada
5.    On-field evaluation offered through Football BC


Old Level 2, 3 or 4 plus “Making Ethical Decisions” for Competition Introduction and Safe Contact Session.

“There is a responsibility among all of us coaches to ensure the game is safe for all players,” said Football BC Technical Director Dino Geremia. “We believe having a coaching standard establishes that.

“Our upcoming Provincial Conference will address this and provide coaches a great opportunity to learn and network. Coaches attending our Provincial Conference on April 20-21 can learn about and be put on the path towards meeting those minimum standards. Coaches will also have the opportunity to update and achieve the new standards as set out by the NCCP.”

To learn more and register for the Football BC Provincial Conference on April 20-21, click here.


Football BC Provincial Conference

The 2013 Football BC Provincial Conference will be held on April 20-21 at Notre Dame Regional Secondary School in Vancouver.

For full details and to register, click here.

How to use The Locker

To access The Locker, go to

To download the info sheet above in PDF format, click here.

Upcoming NCCP Clinics

To find upcoming NCCP Clinics, visit Football BC's events page.